Going to Class

For this post, I will be responding to the post “Monday Master Class: To Go To Class, Or Not To Go…There Shouldn’t Be Any Question” that can be found at the following link http://calnewport.com/blog/2008/07/07/monday-master-class-to-go-to-class-or-not-to-gothere-shouldnt-be-any-question/

In the post, Cal Newport makes the argument that a star student should always go to class and there are virtually no excuses for not doing so.  I was especially interested by this post as attendance is something I have been struggling with this semester.  This semester was the first in which I have class every day Monday through Friday starting at 8 or 9 am.  I am somewhat of a morning person once I am up but getting out of bed in the morning on time is something I struggle with.

Cal combats the argument that the professor offers no new material and as such going to class is an inefficient waste of time with a few points.  The one that stuck out to me is that by making yourself go to class you are physically committing yourself to your academics.  I have a class this semester in which the exams are quite easy and I can do just fine reading the book beforehand.  As a result, this class has been especially hard to make myself go to.  However, by going to class I am showing myself I am dedicated which can be key to motivation.

After reading this post, I see that by skipping class for various reasons I have made it an “option” to miss class.  As Cal says if you commit to never missing class.  Ever.  Then it is never a debate about whether you are going to class, going.  I think this would be a useful attitude to take because motivation is so key in college.  Motivation can be thought of as precious currency whether it be motivating oneself to study for a test or start that big assignment.  It is silly of me as a student to waste this precious currency on something as trivial as getting out of bed for class.  By making this non-debateable I feel that it may be possible that I can save mental energy and actually feel more refreshed and on top of things (more so than I would be from a few extra hours of sleep).

I am making a pledge to go to every single one of my classes through the end of October.  I went to all of them today.  This may sound minor but it is a small achievement that builds up “momentum” in tackling the tasks of my day.  I think momentum is a crucial concept when it comes to academics.


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