“The Myth of the Big Break”

The article I will be responding to can be found at the following link:  http://calnewport.com/blog/2009/01/25/the-myth-of-the-big-break/

In this post, Cal argues that real success does not come from one point in which you “make it” but through a sustained push towards one’s goals.  He talks of people who want to do big things like write books or help produce movies.  However, many of them are not willing to put in the time to earn success.  Many are not willing to hone their craft or make a plan to take the necessary steps towards success.

I relate to this in the fact that often the hardest thing for us to do is start.  He uses the two points “(1) Get started; (2) Keep going.” as being crucial to achieving success.  In my life a goal of mine has been to lift weights to get bigger as I am rather skinny.  However, it is so hard to get over the anxiety of starting a new workout plan and actually taking the plunge and getting in the gym.  Eventually, I realized half the battle was just getting in the gym and doing something.  I couldn’t wait for the perfect workout plan or the right time.  These were just excuses that allowed me to procrastinate.  This summer I finally made myself start going to the gym regularly and it wasn’t as tough as I thought.  However, then I had trouble in regards to the “keep going” part.  Although partially due to hurting my elbow, I let myself get busy with other things and didn’t make working out a priority.  Now that I am healed I am in the same stage of having trouble forcing myself to start.  Writing this down in black and white has really made me realize I am just putting off working out.  Therefore, my action step after this post will be to go to the Aspen Heights gym tomorrow and get a workout in.  It doesn’t need to be a hard workout but I need to RESTART.

One way for a person to be accountable in achieving these goals and “starting” is to write their goals down.  However, it is not just enough to write them down.  You need to constantly revisit them and evaluate the steps you are taking to achieve them.  Goals are powerful.  Whether that be working out or doing better in school.  Without them, it is impossible to hold ourselves accountable and we limit our potential.

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